Audio Guest Book

Audio GUest Book

Added to Photo Booth hire £70
Separate hire £100

Our Audio Guest Book is a modern and interactive way to capture messages, thoughts, and well-wishes from your guests. Instead of the traditional pen-and-paper format, an audio guest book allows guests to record their messages verbally, leaving behind a personal touch that goes beyond a simple written note.

Here’s how our Audio guest book works:

  • Recording Setup: we setup a dedicated recording station.
  • Instructions: Guests are encouraged to leave their messages by speaking into the phone.
  • Emotional Element: Unlike traditional guest books, our audio guest book adds an emotional dimension to the experience. The sound of a loved one’s voice can evoke powerful emotions and create lasting memories.
  • Versatility: Audio guest books can be used for various occasions, such as weddings, birthday parties, reunions, corporate events, or memorial services. They provide a unique way to commemorate these special moments.
  • Preservation: The recorded messages are stored digitally, allowing easy preservation and sharing with the event organizers or hosts and the guests themselves.
  • Personalization: Some audio guest book services may offer customization options, such as adding background music or incorporating photos or videos alongside the audio messages.

Overall, an audio guest book enhances the guest experience by giving them a memorable and interactive way to leave their mark and express their sentiments. It serves as a cherished keepsake for hosts and attendees alike, capturing the essence of the event in a deeply personal way.

Looking Good

Great looking Audio Guest Book setup including LED NEON Sign


Guests just pick up the phone, and record their heartfelt messages.


Really capture the emotions of your guests with personalised voice messages


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