360 PODIUM Booth

3 Hours Hire £345


A 360 photo booth is a modern and immersive photography experience that allows users to capture panoramic images from all angles. Unlike traditional photo booths that capture a single moment in time, a 360 photo booth uses advanced camera technology to create a complete view of the surroundings.

Step into the future of photography with our state-of-the-art 360 photo booth! Whether you’re hosting a corporate event, wedding, or private party, our 360 photo booth adds a touch of innovation and excitement to your celebration.

As you step into the booth, our high-resolution cameras start capturing images from every perspective. Strike a pose, dance, or simply enjoy the moment, and let our 360 photo booth do the rest. Watch as the booth transforms your experience into a dynamic and interactive visual masterpiece.

The 360 photo booth is not just a photo op; it’s a journey into the future of photography. Share your 360-degree photos instantly on social media and let your friends and followers explore your event from every angle. The immersive nature of the 360 experience creates lasting memories that go beyond the ordinary.

Customize your 360-degree photos with overlays, filters, and branding to make each image uniquely yours. Elevate your event with the wow factor of a 360 photo booth, where innovation meets entertainment.

3 Hours – £345


Instant Sharing

Our amazing new 360 booth produces instantly downloadable videos. We can add special FX and brandable overlays.


Fun, friendly Booth Attendant to ensure everyone knows how to use the booth and encourage guests to join the action.


Fun range of Props encourages guests to join in and have their video clips taken.


– Instant sharing
– Unlimited Visits to the Photo Booth
– Overhead Moving Arm
– Space For 15 Guests

– Professional Camera & Lighting
– Fun Photo Booth Attendant
– Secure Online Gallery
– Special Effects On The Videos

– Professional Over Head Stand
– Props
– Separate Sharing Pod
– Perfect For Commercials & Parties



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